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Let’s be honest, summer in Nashville can be oppressive at its best, downright sweaty and horrifying at its worst. Some days it may seem like you’re just moving from one air-conditioned building to the next to avoid the heat. Your home and office are two places where you count on your AC blowing cool, delicious air all summer long. But when your air conditioner is just not doing the job, who can you trust to provide an honest assessment and then make the proper AC repair or suggest a new system? We think Air Temp is a good choice.


Our company was founded over thirty years ago by Larry Doochin who wanted to do business differently. He set up a business model that combines fast and friendly service carried out by reliable technicians who go through extensive training in order to know how to get the job done efficiently and professionally. He developed an experienced team of office staff that are prepared to take your call and answer any question you may have regarding your home’s air conditioning system. He rounded out the company’s services by providing customers with top-of-the-line maintenance plans to catch potential problems before they ever reach system failure. That model has worked, and today Air Temp has a large fleet of service trucks and has built a reputation for providing top-notch air conditioning service in Nashville.


Air Conditioning Service

Air conditioners are not super complex but there are several related parts:

 evaporator coil, condenser, compressor, temperature controls and ductwork. So there are several things that can go wrong. Air Temp has the experience and tools to quickly determine where the problem is and then the equipment to complete your repair.


However, as is commonly said, "prevention is better than a cure". Air Temp top-of-the-line maintenance plans are designed to catch potential problems before you ever reach system failure. Our NATE certified technicians will inspect your system periodically making any adjustments and ensuring that you do not experience unexpected failure on a 100-degree day.


One way home owners can enhance the efficiency of their ac systems is by routinely changing your unit’s air filters. This allows for better air flow, removes built up dust and allergens from the home as well as lowering your energy bills.

AC Replacement

If your air conditioner is old or out of date, it may be time to upgrade. AC technology is always improving and new systems can drastically lower your energy bills. Air Temp has over 30 year's experience working with name brand companies like Trane, Carrier, and American Standard. We are more than happy to give a free, no obligation estimate on the replacement of your air conditioner system with a new unit. If you choose to work with us, our trained technicians can handle the install of your new system with ease.

Emergency AC Repair

One of our highest priorities is to respond to every service call within a timely manner. We have multiple trucks and staff personnel to deal with your AC repair needs quickly and efficiently. In a perfect world, emergency system failure would be completely avoidable, and all problems would arise during normal business hours, but sometimes the worst happens. If your unit fails on a weekend in the middle of the night in the summer, we offer emergency repair services for an additional fee. In the event of an emergency system failure, don’t wait to call us. It’s important to deal with cooling issues quickly in order to avoid further damage to your unit.

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