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Emergency Repair

When your heating and air system is not doing its job, don't just bundle up - call Air Temp Heating and Cooling. We provide 24/7 emergency service throughout the Nashville area. Our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured. All of our techs are uniformed and NATE certified. We will get your system working affordable.


Non-Emergency Calls

Is your heating and cooling system starting to go but still functioning. If so call and we may be able to make a quick repair that will save you $$$. Friendly office staff are available to answer calls and schedule maintenance from 7:00 AM-4:30 PM daily. Since, Air Temp has a large fleet we can often have a service technician to your home within hours. We also provide maintenance packages that can help ensure the life and health of your heating and air system.

Signs your Heat and Air System needs Repair


Every type of heating system is prone to its own sort of problems, and can break or fail. No matter what kind of system you have, you should always call a professional to deal with your heating system, because of fire risk. Never delay in reaching out to a professional if you hear clanking sounds, or smell something burning from your heating ducts. These are very dangerous signs that something may be wrong with your unit. Make sure to contact us when you experience:


  •     A clanking or grinding sound from your unit
  •     Smell something strange, off, or burning from your air vents
  •     Your unit cycles on and then off and then on again at a very rapid pace
  •     You increase your thermostat, but the unit never reaches the desired temperature
  •     Your energy bills are increasing


Routine Maintenance Package

Many of the above listed problems can be avoided with routine maintenance to your heating and cooling system. Routine maintenance is incredibly important to the life of your heater. Maintenance extends the life of your heating and air system, as well as lowering your energy cost because the system is kept at peak performance.


Updating your System

Many of the homes around the Nashville area are old, poorly insulated, with leaky windows and doors. These common signs of wear and tear can cause your heating system to run less efficiently. Your heater shouldn’t just blow hot air, it should blow hot air at the correct temperature. At Air Temp, we are more than happy to come give a free, no obligation estimate of how much it would cost to update your current heating and cooling system with one that can save you on energy bills and make your home more comfortable. We have thirty years of experience working with name brand companies like Trane, Carrier, and American Standard. Our professionally trained team of technicians is fully equipped to help install a new system in your home or office.


Home heating systems are complicated machines. It’s no wonder that they often break and need repair. At Air Temp, we strive to provide top of the line service that makes you feel more like family than a customer. Our office staff is standing by to take care of your every question, concern, and need.


Don’t hesitate - call us today!

EPA Certified | Licensed Bonded Insured | NATE Certified